2019 Glenferrie Festival Review

On March 2019, Melstone were fortunate enough to join in the excitement and participate at the annual Glenferrie Festival.

Community, connection and people are at the heart of what we do and there was no better time to showcase our commitment to the community then at the Glenferrie Festival. With the help of passionate local charity, Kids Under Cover; A charity dedicated to supporting youth at risk of homelessness, we hosted over 500 passionate children in our exciting marquee throughout the day.

Inside our marquee we hosted a variety of unique activities including: Free Chupa-Chups, sand art painting, fun giveaways and were running a short survey. Throughout the day we established a bright bond with the community and were delighted to see so many passionate faces joining in the fun!

Outside of aiming to establish an excellent community relationship, Melstone wanted to gain a comprehensive understanding regarding the community’s needs. Along with our exciting activities, we connected with members of the community and asked questions to find out the exact needs of the community to design the best product that exceeds customer expectations.

We asked “what are the two most important features located nearby your home”. Which we received approximately 500 answers throughout the event. The following is key information obtained through our survey.


Key Results

  • 66% of people wanted Parks
  • 47% of people wanted Schools
  • 36% of people wanted Restaurants
  • 31% of people wanted Public Transportation
  • 14% wanted Shopping Strips
  • 11% wanted Entertainment facilities and Gymnasiums


Through connecting with the community and receiving valuable feedback at the Glenferrie Festival we aimed to better understand what the community truly wants. Melstone, we are passionate about crafting outstanding homes that create value for the greater community and to our customers. At the core of this lies our goal of delivering an exceptional level service that goes on long after settlement. We don’t aim to make another product, but to exceed our customers’ expectations through delivering uniquely crafted, thought out bespoke architectural design, with the communities need at the forefront of our craft.

Melstone has some major and exciting plans scheduled and are currently seeking partnerships with local businesses to be apart of this exciting opportunity to help better our community. Make sure to stay up to date with us to avoid missing out on our major announcement, through following and contacting us by searching; Melstone Developments on Facebook , Instagram and continuing to check on our Website. Until then, we wish you all well and look forward to working with you to help better the community in the near future.