Melstone is about people…

and creating contemporary elegant timeless homes for the way they want to live.

Our Philosophy

Melstone’s approach to property development/ business stems from a philosophy: the desire to offer our customers a sense of belonging, connection and community.

Highly considered design with a human touch

We have a willingness to listen and connect with our clients and learn about what’s most important to them. Not just in the confines of their homes but in their life and community.

In applying this approach to our property developments, we place a deliberate focus on creating homes to be lived in.

Exceptional living within the art of considered design

What seems effortless at first glance is the result of connecting with our clients, together with design precision and clear intent.

Oriented towards contemporary elegance, functionality, lifestyle affirming and liveability along with simplicity of use.

Each home is uniquely crafted thought out, with bespoke architectural design and always with our client’s needs front of mind.

“At Melstone, we are passionate about crafting outstanding homes that create value for the greater community and to our customers. At the core of this lies our goal of delivering an exceptional level service that goes on long after settlement.”

Melstone Team